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Recent reports confirm that Google is now working on version latest lowest price, for Pixel 3, What are the details available about the specifications of my phone, Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL the night?

Phones Google a lower price.

The diversity of the rumors that dealt with the specifications of the latest phones Google related, where it seems that some of those rumors are 100% genuine, trusting on the site 9to5Google famous, who confirmed on Google about version more sophisticated than the phones, but at better prices for everyone.

Indicated the location of the 9to5Google report to the uncertain of articles of the special issue my phone Google Pixels 3a the presence of the pixels 3a XL, but he is confident of the cheapening of the two phones mentioned by more than $ 200, with the knowledge that the value-price Phone Pixel 3 currently valued at about $ 600, see what are the specifications of the developer to those phones?

Specifications phones Google

The last report explained some of the specifications attractive my phone Google later, and issued the markets in the near future, as hinted at the arrival area of the OLED display Pixel 3a to about 5.6 inches, with an accuracy of 2220 * 1080 pixels, with the phone above SIM, Snapdragon 670, The Memory Random Access 4 GB.

Further reference was made to the phone Pixel camera 3a on the rear camera 12 mega pixel camera, and her wide-angle 8 mega-pixel camera for selfies, with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh, looks through the latest report that the phone Pixel camera 3a XL will get screen space by 6 inches, without mentioning any details about the camera and the slide.

In general, consistent technical reports to fit my phone Google Pixel 3 in the future on the USB-C port, a storage capacity of about 64 GB, sensors active on both sides, the speed of 18W to the company, with the anticipation of the issuance of the phones in the colors of either white or black, next to the other vase is available with pixels currently.

In the end, it seems that phones and Google Pixel modern lose sight in the international markets with the publication of the official, not only because of the development of their striking, but also to the decline of their prices, which means a lot for a number to be reckoned with smartphone users around the world.

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