Phones Google Pixel 4 give this app four areas of work refresh rate 90Hz

Google Pixel 4 XL

As some of you have heard most likely, the phone screen the Google Pixel 4 has gotten a bad rap recently because of the rate of updated adult 90Hz, where it was announced that the refresh rate of the screen changes depending on the brightness, where it can drop to 60Hz. Now, it seems that Google may have already blocked some of the applications of work at a rate of 90Hz.

According to the site 9to5Google, it was discovered the existence of four apps at least have been prevented from running the screen at a rate of 90Hz. This includes WeChat and Pokemon Go and Google Maps and Waze. For these two applications the last two, they are in fact owned by Google itself.

With a game Pokemon Go, was a company Niantic has set the screen refresh rate of the user at 30Hz to prevent the application from draining a lot of battery. As for the application chat WeChat, it seems that this is due to performance problems and therefore is not recommended to use refresh rate 90Hz with the application.

As for the apps Maps, Google Maps and Waze, it is not clear what is the reason that makes it work in the limits of 60Hz. That could be due to the risk of depletion of the battery, and thus kept in the range of 60Hz is considered logically. Anyway, this is something that should be seen in case if you are trying to impose a refresh rate of 90Hz.

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