Phones +Galaxy S8/S8 starting receive update Android 8.0 Oreo in China

Galaxy s8+

Finally after a long wait, started phones Galaxy S8 and +Galaxy S8 to receive the update to Android 8.0 Oreo in China. As for the cars that come by this update, they include :


  • Any method of security biometric level of the joy it will require lock screen. When you disable the screen lock, will disable the biometrics only.

Color fast

  • Managing notifications on the basis of each application
  • App notifications not visible going to the bottom of the Notification panel

The main screen

  • Long press on the icons the app will display the shortcut
  • Index number notifications on the icons for the apps would be connected to the notifications, so if you clean the notifications by clicking on the app icon, it will be clear notices in Notification Center, and vice versa

Keyboard Samsung Keyboard

  • The top bar provides shortcuts for functions useful
  • New keyboard images animated GIF
  • Provide more of a stop-loss of


  • Restrict the services in the background to optimize battery life and performance
  • Applications that are currently running will always appear in the Notification panel

The edge of the screen

  • Improve the perception of the public about the way the font and color settings New
  • To edge at length to change their place
  • Add 3 new options to the edge

Screen the lock screen is Always On Display

  • Style new to both of them
  • Adjust the transparency of notifications

Smart View

  • Allows switching off the screen of your phone while mirroring

Samsung Account

  • Check in Account Settings and profile information for a number of Samsung apps
  • Pressing the profile icon in settings to access the profile information and account settings

Samsung Cloud

  • Share and manage photos stored in Samsung’s Cloud
  • Store all types of files in the Samsung Cloud Drive
  • The choice of elements to be removed or restored from Cloud Backups
  • See the backup size and the number of elements comprising it.

Samsung Dual Messenger

  • Install a second copy of any application to chat allowing you to use two accounts at the same time
  • Long press on the Messaging app on the Home or App Screen to install the second account

Find My Mobile

  • Backup for Secure Folder to Samsung Cloud remotely if your smartphone is lost
  • The closure of the Samsung Pass using Find My Mobile

Samsung DeX

  • See more apps by changing the list of apps to fill the screen
  • Using Game Launcher in the DeX to run the game in full screen mode
  • Added support for the covers. protective LED View Cover and Clear View Standing Cover

Other improvements

  • Support Bluetooth to concentrations of HQ such as AAC and Sony’s LDAC
  • Player Video became the have the option of auto reboot and the option of double-speed twice
  • Voice Recorder now has smart tips for calls around the clock while shopping
  • E-mail allows you to report messages to Microsoft Exchange electronic
  • Samsung Health now comes with the Permanent notification to view the number of steps
  • The former has become include the development of Landscape and options for a new voice for the
  • The Add-On ( Widget ) of your clock is now a shortcut to apply previous
  • Added ability to manage usernames and passwords for Samsung the Pass in third-party applications


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