Phones Galaxy S 9 – new update to solve the audio problems and calls !

Samsung launched a new update for phones Galaxy S 9 and s-9 plus to solve the problem of calls present in some versions since the launch of these phones a few months ago.

هواتف جالكسي إس 9 - تحديث جديد لحل مشاكل الصوت و المكالمات !

Phones Galaxy S 9 – new update to solve the audio problems and calls !

Phones Galaxy S 9 and s-9 Plus has received an update to the previously built with security updates for the month of April but the problem is not fully resolved, so Samsung has launched this latest update to improve the quality of the calls and solving the past problems once and for all.

The main problems of the calls that bought them users phones Galaxy S 9 and s-9 plus was mute random health for 20 seconds, and the page makes it difficult to hear the other party, and may push this up to file a lawsuit on Samsung in one of the States.

This new update is launched globally now, and is a separate update dedicated to solve the problems of the Office of information and does not contain security updates for the month of May which is expected to launch at a later time.

You will receive a notification when an update is available for your phone, also you can check the availability of the update manually by going to click Settings > then system updates Software update > and download the update Download the updates manually with the assurance of a good connection to the internet, and after downloading and installing the update is expected to solve the problem once and for all.

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