Phones Evo 2020 will protect the screen of 120 Hz – what does this mean?

After about a year or less from now we will be on a date with phones Evo 12 but the series of leaks started so early where indicated the location of the DigiTimes of Taiwan is that Apple are preparing for OLED at a rate of refresh 120 Hz phones iPhone 12 coming next year.هواتف ايفون 2020 سوف تحمل شاشة 120 هيرتز - ماذا يعني هذا ؟

Refresh rate Refresh Rate is a technical term refers to the number of times of updating the image displayed on the screen. In the general screen refresh rate in smart phones to be 60 or less as the one before us except that some companies began to develop this aspect and access to 90 or 120 hertz.

Apple already has a technology ProMotion in the organs of the iPad Pro since 2017 which makes the screen move at the rate of 120 hertz, be aware that it is of the LCD type. On the other hand, plans to Apple to add the tech in the issuance of one or more of these days next year screen OLED.

This technique will raise many of the response speed of the screen as this will be reflected on the performance of the games to become more smooth, however, this may raise the consumption of battery power so you may resort to Apple to raise the refresh rate sometimes, in some positions reduction in other positions according to the content displayed.

Recent reports also indicated that Apple may use technology LTPO or oxide polycrystalline low heat inside the panels of the screen like its smart they consume less energy by 15% compared with silicon currently used in phones and the faith, which means longer battery life when you resort to it.

There are already smart phones currently don’t display at a rate of refresh 120 Hz but it’s more fun games like : ROG II وRazer Phone 2 Sharp Aquos R3. Phones again with the updated 90 hertz such as the Pixel 4 and the OnePlus 7 Pro.

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