Phones camera, accuracy 100 maps coming this year

Reached the highest accuracy for all selfie camera in the smart phones to 32 maps, higher resolution for the rear camera to the 48 maps, but these numbers will double soon, according to Qualcomm.

Announced that Qualcomm’s latest chipset processors allocated for smart phones, the Snapdragon 855, supports up to 192 maps, and you’ll stop the head of product management to increase the resolution of the camera phones to 64 maps soon and 100 maps late 2019.

As for accuracy, 192 maps Visby rules fully support their current situation, for two reasons: first, in support of that accuracy comes at the expense of slow shutter speed and the low number of image frames and processing is cumbersome. Second, the lack of sensor camera with 192 maps phones to the current situation, even Qualcomm did not capture the image of this precision.

For cameras accurately 100 maps expected soon, are expected to be come the size of pixels is smaller, i.e., to increase the number of pixels comes at the expense of its size, thus assembling less data in pixels fact, this means that the sound quality will be better but not beaten, also suggest to increase the numbers.

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