Phones and associated at the Mobile World Congress MWC19

We have the largest trade show for mobile devices by late next February, the Mobile World Congress – MWC19, which confirmed it officially the largest smartphone companies, here’s what we expect of them.

Knowing this, the exhibition starts on 25 February, but the usual practice is that companies launch some of their products to the conference on special a few days before the event, to inspire the audience in the presence of to review these products again in the stomach.


Select Samsung on February 20 to detect phones Galaxy S10 leading, and while he is expected to accompany the phone by folding, according to some reports that the announcement of the phone rollaway will be at the Mobile World Congress, after five days, namely: on February 25, just five o’clock PM EST Saudi Arabia.

It is also expected to use Samsung Know Mobile World revealed the plan to launch 5G network, details about the future of her assistant baker in household appliances.

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Early in the day, numerous LG to bring a new may be used in touch phones gestures the air, where it shows the video that will enable interaction with the interface by simply waving in front of her, believes that the flagship phone G8 ThinQ will be the first beneficiaries of the technology, but excludes the failure to touch at the current time.

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Using Huawei declaration of products and solutions suitable for 5G networks, so it is likely to reveal the phones P30 and P30 Pro, which is coming to the design notes small shaped drop of water, fingerprint reader and built-in police style dead 20 Pro, return Port, fish is a traditional 3.5 mm, rear camera quad in the Pro version and three in the normal version, possibly an updated version of the processor Kirin 980.

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We can completely provide Microsoft new phones, and is expected to reveal a helmet HoloLens 2 reality mixed, or at least a cheap version of the first version.


Likely to reveal to Sony about the phone is its flagship Xperia XZ4, the processor Snapdragon 855, the screen dimensions are the longest in the market – the 21:9, however, will not come to tea, my daughter’s purchase (note) or until the holes of the screen unlike the majority of phones, 2019, and, thus, may include a phone interface speaker stereo.

This is expected to reveal the Sony three phones from the medium category, namely they are: XA3 وXA3 ultra L3.


While dead 20 Pro the strongest optical zoom in camera phones, even 3 times, it seems that the oppo on a date to cause a boom in camera phones with optical zoom up to 10 times, depending on the suspense of the company.

Optical zoom is the ability to enlarge the image without losing its quality, it seems that the OPPO was able to put the cameras horizontally inside the phone so you can access the optical zoom x 10 without increase the size of the body of the phone.

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