Phones “Nokia”. know their specifications, prices and materials put forward by Egypt

The company announced the HMD global developer devices Nokia phone Nokia, yesterday, Monday, announced the launch of four smartphones, a new portfolio of smartphones award-winning, and Nokia Phone 8 Sirocco phone Nokia 7 plus phone Nokia 6 phone Nokia 1.

In addition to that, the HMD re-launch of the Nokia 8110, which defined popular when released in 1996 with a phone “banana”, which will be included in the design of its new 4G network as well as providing apps modern like مساعدGoogle Assistant and Google Maps Google Maps search Google Google Search, Facebook, Twitter, along with the return of the feature slide, has been the design of those smart phones according to phones Nokia exceptional.

Commitment towards fulfilling its promises by providing experiences pure smart and safe ruled by Android modern Android, The Company announced HMDالعالمية also it is the first global partner possesses the full range of smart phones running in Android Wen Android One by Google, and the company’s commitment to experience the pure, safe and supported Android modern confirms that the Nokia smartphones are compatible with the Global Programme.

And three new phones from Nokia branding, the Nokia Phone 8 Sirocco phone Nokia 7 plus and phone Nokia 6, to the operating system “Android one”, and we will continue the experiences of high-quality software backed by Google, and all the phone content design, great functions, exceptional with the passage of time thanks to the smile I chose artificial intelligence a modern that provides the highest degree of security provided by Google, this is through the installation of the Android operating system and fresh hardware.

Around the date put the new smart phones from Nokia Egypt prices, revealed the HMD as follows:

Phone Nokia 7 plus

The phone has a feature that optical dual sensor, dual rear backed look of the ZEISS which contributes to the provision of angles – degrees wide at a rate of 12 megapixel provide the highest degree of the sensor so as to obtain the best excellent performance in low light conditions and overload; in addition to a secondary camera at the rate of 13 MP provides the zoom Zoom buyer, optical at a rate of 2x in order to assess the moment that he wants of the user.

Phone comes Nokia 7 plus supported with Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile, and improve it and employ this feature optimally to provide maximum performance and the longest battery life, features phone, which is equipped with a powerful battery, with 3800 mAh battery, to enhance battery life on that extends the use for a couple of days.

The phone features a high resolution 6-inch one:9, which enhances the performance of the screen and makes it ideal for, as well as the use of media, social games and entertainment.

The date of the house in Egypt: the middle of April 2018

Phone price: 7,750 pounds.

Nokia phone 6 new

It is designed to build on the success of the release of the former, and provides new phone more powerful performance and contains new features within the design more compact and integrated. It offers greater speed compared to the best previous by 60%, as it owns the technology optics enhanced dual backed look of the ZEISS and charging USB-C fast, the screen is built more Compact Framework for the phone, the phone is offered also on the technique of spatial audio provided by Nokia, which creates experiences pure, safe and supported running Android oreo modern.

Comes Nokia phone 6 The new design, which is made from a solid block of 6000 series aluminium and the process of polishing the 11-hour facility with on electrolysis. Through the standardization of screen sculpted 2.5 D glass, made of a material Corning® Gorilla® resistant to damage, was built under Nokia phone 6 new built and refined to last forever, the engineers said integrating platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 mobile to evaluate the performance of fast and smooth and to provide longer battery life.

The availability of the phone in three degrees elegant color is: black/brass, white/metal, blue/gold, as it will provide two settings, namely in the version with random memory capacity of 3 GB/lasting memory of 32 GB, besides the version with random memory capacity of 4 GB/lasting memory of 64 GB will be available through later this year.

The date of the house in Egypt: the middle of April 2018

Phone price: 4,750 pounds.

Nokia 1

The phone offers all the basics of smart phones with a guarantee of the highest quality standards known in the Nokia phones with renewed determination will be the admiration of the lovers of Nokia phones around the world. Was able to phones Nokia to deliver its promise in providing cutting-edge technology to more individuals through the adoption of the Android operating system oreo™ (a copy of Guam), a version improved of the Android operating system commensurate with devices that use RAM that has a capacity of 1 GB or less.

The date of the house in Egypt: the middle of April 2018

Phone price: 1,450 pounds

Nokia 8110 the appearance of frosted

This year sees the re-launch of the phone Nokia 8110 new look, where he comes this wonderful phone with the feature of 4G and resources designed curved iconic power.

The phone Nokia 8110 points crystal calls, VoLTE, and is ideal for anyone wishing to use 4G. It also provides easy access to the App Store to select all your favorite apps like Google Google Assistant and a Google search Google Search Google Maps Google Maps and Facebook and twitter, as well as service to send and receive email and transfer contacts and calendar synchronization with application to Outlook, Gmail, and to provide smooth running, the Nokia 8110 members Qualcomm® 205 mobile. Certainly, the phone includes a new version of the game famous live(Snake).

Date of sale in Egypt: mid-June 2018

Phone price: 1,450 pounds

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