Phone ZTE Axon S may come with a screen draggable to the side to get the cameras


Try to smartphone manufacturers try all solutions for the creation of smart phones with free completely from the frame. I have tried some companies resort to screen broken such as Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi, Apple and Samsung also lately, while I tried some other companies committee to screen drilled for the same purpose, the committee is also to cameras pop-up. Having said that, it has emerged today official photos leaked of the new phone from ZTE has not been announced yet it is said that the name of ZTE Axon S, which is the phone which frequency it will display retractable horizontally to detect the camera.

The pictures show that the phone screen ZTE Axon S will be retractable to the side to get to the front cameras the camera triple in the back also. This will allow the company to reduce the screen frame in the phone to make the latter cover the largest percentage of the interface device, not only to free up more space of the screen, but for marketing purposes also.

However, this is the first smart phone featuring a screen of retractable towards the side to get to the cameras. For most of the smart phones that we have seen so far, which used a similar concept, they are used to screens retractable towards the top to get to the front cameras of the mechanism of face recognition.

Returning to the phone ZTE Axon S that appears in these official images leaked the new, the report said it would put three cameras in the cell where you have the camera basic sensor 48 megapixels, the camera of the second sensor 19 megapixels, while Will camera the third and final sensor located closer to the optical up to 5x. It is estimated that one of these cameras and three would have the girl variable 1.7/2.4. And yet, I didn’t think ZTE Corporation the existence of this device, it is not clear when we can expect his arrival as it will be.


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