Phone Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro tops the list of DxOMark’s best phones for camera level

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

The company announced the Xiaomi phone Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Day, with five cameras in the backend, said the company’s CEO, Mr. Lei Jun to team DxOMark specialized in testing cameras and smart phones gave the camera phone ratings 121. Score total overall score won her the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro, but when it comes to each test individually, the phone Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro New got 130 points in the test image, and 102 points in the test video note that the phone Huawei Mate 30 Pro got 132 points in the first Test and 100 points in the second Test.

The version that was tested is a copy of the Premium Edition, which contain many of the eight in front of the sensor 108 megapixels, not the regular version, which includes seven lenses just. The phone has Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro also camera close to accurately 12 megapixels provide almost visual ability x 2 and the lens of Girl 2.0, a camera close to other 5-megapixel camera provides nearly the visual capacity x 5 technology supports to prevent vibration OIS. Moreover, it has been provided with this phone also camera wide angle accurately 20 megapixels, cameras a custom macro to export the items from a close distance, which is not chosen by the team DxOMark.

There are four flashers divided into two units, one of them equipped with powerful and the other equipped with a soft. Returning to the test video, I got the phone Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro on the top of the result is given by the team DxOMark so that they miss out on the Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G one point.

The presence of a lot of cameras to consumers to take pictures in all conditions to a great extent, starting from the night shots and even photos of tourist viewing angle is wide. May be I have a Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro some things that you can modify here and there, but with such a phone, the Xiaomi company has made a big step forward for sure.


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