Phone Xiaomi Mi A3 will sensor fingerprint in the screen

Fingerprint Galaxy

May be Xiaomi company has won some attention with a series phones Redmi Series new, but the company is determined to continue the road. The latest technologies that you want to the Chinese company brought to its smart phones that are available are sensor fingerprint built-in screen. Revealed reports from the forum XDA Developers that there are three new smart phones at least the sensor with the fingerprint built-in screen, and two of them carry two code names suggest that they will be part of the initiative of Android One.

These two phones are probably the Xiaomi Mi A3 and the Xiaomi Mi A3 Lite. In view of the identity of the second phone, it’s probably the Chinese version of one of the two phones mentioned above. It should be noted that these smartphones three download code names ” Pyxis ” and ” Bamboo_sprout ” and ” Cosmos_sprout ” knowing that all the smart phones that are part of the initiative Android One download subsequent _Sprout in their names the icons. The second phone lacks this suffix, which means that it can be the successor of Xiaomi Mi 6X or Xiaomi Mi 7X.

Embed the sensor of the fingerprint in the screen is no longer costly. Companies such as Vivo, Oppo and Samsung to bring this technology to the latest smart phones available, which means that we can see the sensor fingerprint built-in OLED screen on the phone Redmi soon. Currently, the series phones Xiaomi high-end is the only one that used this technology, in addition to phone games BlackShark 2 the latest from the company.


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