Phone Xiaomi Mi A3 will come with the sensor fingerprint compact!

I didn’t spend days on the declaration Shawty on the phone, her new, Black Shark 2 and Redmi 7 , even leaked new information on the Xiaomi Mi A3 reveal a big surprise for users of phones available.

According to the latest reports from XDA-Developers has been monitoring three new phones at least from Shawty equipped with FOD (sensor fingerprint built-in screen) on the platform of the test, two of which carry the names of the symbolic suggest to program Android One.

Download the three phones as “pyxis” and “bamboo_sprout” and “cosmos_sprout”, shortcut “sprout” symbolizes the Android One, which means that these two phones come within the Android program and they are most likely the Xiaomi Mi A3 and the Xiaomi Mi A3 Lite, the second phone may be Xiaomi Mi 7X.

This new information take techniques fingerprint sensor built-in the bottom of the display screen into a broader area of the phones price available, which means that we can see the scanner down the OLED panel on the phone Redmi smartphone soon.

Recently companies such as vivo, Oppo and Samsung to apply this technology in its phones leading, as well as applied by Shaw in the leading Mi 8, Mi 9, a force Games Black Shark 2, and now we expect their application for Xiaomi Mi A3, maybe in the future there will be a location sensor of the fingerprint material!

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