Phone Xiaomi folding appears in a new video with co-founder of the company

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Back the day video new phone Xiaomi folding. This time, says co-founder and CEO of Apple, Mr. Lin Bin introduced in front of the camera. It is not entirely clear whether the Xiaomi company has actually planned to publish this video or not, but whatever the case, we got a chance to look at the design of the phone Xiaomi folding.

Has been re-posted the video below on YouTube after it was posted initially on the social network of Chinese Weibo. It seems that this is the same device that we saw in the short video, which was posted earlier on the Twitter network by the convergence of prominent American evleaks earlier this month.

Does not close the device when it is folded, it is folded to the back knowing that he has a wrinkle. Can see clearly in the video which confirms that Mr. Lin Bin was used as a prototype of the phone Xiaomi folding. When it is fully open, the screen becomes large and the width to height of 2:3. In this new video, says Mr. Lin Bin, scroll through the application to video and fly at the screen again. As you’ll notice, approving the operating system quickly adapts to the new dimensions of the company, this requires a lot of work at the system level of Android to achieve this.

Despite the fact that the screen is folded, the whole screen keep running. One of the things learned from this video is that the button already exists on the ” top ” of the device while you hold it in a horizontal position.

What they don’t reveal it this video is when will Xiaomi company to bring this type of device to the market. Based on wrinkles, scratches that we see on the screen throughout the video, it seems that it is still in front of the Xiaomi company is a lot of work before this product is ready to produce in large quantities.


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