Phone (will be) made in Egypt up the European markets through the days

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هاتف (سيكو) المصنوع في مصر يصل الاسواق الاوروبية خلال آيامPhone (will be) made in Egypt up the European markets through the days

Start the Egyptian company for industries of Silicon (it would be Egypt), the manufacturer of the first mobile phone in Egypt, in the export of its production to Europe next November, as he said Mohamed Salem, chairman of the board of directors.

Added Salem, in an interview with Reuters in Cairo, that “it will be Egypt” took place, in October, an agreement with an exclusive agent strong in some European countries to change.

He explained: “We start shooting from level, where the factory will be, to Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, then Sweden, Norway, Finland, the brand will be. The start will be in Germany in November, God willing, a phone would be Infinity Max. It next to our presence in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman”.

He continued: “We started exporting to Côte d’ivoire this week. Export accounts for about 25 percent of production. We aim to export more than 50 percent of the production end 2020 when we believe the European countries that we use.”

The production capacity for the company in Assiut, Upper Egypt, currently, about two billion annually.

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