Phone Vivo X30 will support 5G networks will be in the month of December next


Held company, Vivo last month in a conference in which he announced one of the executives of the company about the partnership with Samsung will bring the smartphone supports 5G technology with a processor Exynos 980. Today the leaked Chinese reliable reveal more information about this phone, and one of the This information saying that this phone will carry the name of Vivo X30, and as the successor of the phone Vivo X27 will be submitted in the month of December.

The company Vivo are already registered the trademark Vivo X30, and the phone screen is free of blocks or holes, which means that the front camera will be hidden in the mechanism of the popup. Users believe they will see the front camera ups the phone Vivo X27 Pro, and it will have three cameras at the back.

It seems that some of the pictures include the room to test the phone or that the company Vivo plans to use in the event of the launch of the phone Vivo X30. If you got the phone already with the processor Exynos 980, it means that it will contain the modem 5G compact, and it will be only one copy, which means that there will be no 4G version.

For the rest of the phone specifications Vivo X30, they are not available we have at the moment, but at least we know the quality of the therapist who will use it.

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