Phone Vivo S1 will be released along with Vivo X27 with camera pop-up new


Scheduled to be a formal unveiling for the phone Vivo X27 on the 19th day of March, it seems that this phone will be released in three version differ in terms of the quality of processors, sensors, fingerprint. However, it seems that this is not the only phone announced by the company Vivo in the above-mentioned date, it will be detected further on another phone named Vivo S1 has front camera popup style phone Vivo X27, but it will be a little different because the camera front will slide from the center of the top frame of the device.

Phone Vivo S1 is no longer a surprise, no one predicted the advent of this phone. Rumored that it will be available for pre-order on Saturday, three days before the event. And he says he will put the processor MediaTek Helio P70, and the random size of 6GB, the internal memory size of 128GB, and a +FullHD size 6.5 inch, as well as three cameras in the cell accurately 12 megapixels the camera the first regular and accurately 8 megapixels camera of the second wide angle, and accurately 5 megapixels camera, the second is responsible for the sensor information depth. Moreover, it has been said also that this phone will sensor fingerprint in the screen.


As for the phone Vivo X27, we have learned in the past and that it will have a processor Snapdragon 710, and the random size of 8GB, as well as an internal memory size of 256GB, AMOLED screen size of 6.39 inches and accurately +FullHD. In addition, it turns out to us as well that the phone Vivo X27 will have front camera pop-up accurately 16 megapixels, battery with a capacity 3920mAh, as it will be already Android 9 Pie, and sensor fingerprint in the screen, as well as three cameras in the back, note that the primary camera which will have sensor 48 megapixels, while the will of two cameras and the remaining two sensor with 13 megapixels and 5 megapixels respectively.

When it comes to price, it was speculated that the phone Vivo S1 will be 2298 Chinese yuan, while the phone will Vivo X27 as of 3198 Yuan Renminbi, it would be great to see all the phones sold outside of China. However, if you want to get a phone from Vivo with front camera pop up, you can take a look at the two phones Vivo V15 and Vivo V15 Pro which seems similar although there are some subtle differences at the level of specifications.


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