Phone Vivo APEX 2019 appears in the first video trailer, and here’s a picture of a computer device

Vivo APEX 201

The phone still Vivo APEX 2019 coming from a company Vivo is ambiguous to some extent, although it is expected to be announced formally tomorrow, Thursday 24 January. Company launched Vivo campaign where they let people touch the phone, but did not see, and described him with soap and mineral.

Thus, this means that the company Vivo is doing great too keep the phone Vivo APEX 2019 New away from the eyes of the Warriors, but today we got our first glimpse of the design of the phone thanks to the voice of the computer that is published by the famous warrior Benjamin Geskin, video first promo for the phone, which was posted on the social network of Chinese Weibo by the company of Vivo itself.

Obviously there are no buttons on the phone Vivo APEX 2019, the photo above and the video below does not highlight the place of a front facing camera. Given that we are approaching the date of the official unveiling, we expect to see one or two of the ferry painting other, so stay on the lookout.


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