Phone the new iPhone may come with a new and strange examine veins face!

We’re about 6 months from the announcement of the iPhone new for 2019, but rumor feel free already about what the plans of Apple to do.

One of the more leaks interesting related to the new technology of face recognition FaceID in the phones developed by Apple – it is a feature that allows owners of iPhones to close their phones, and the implementation of payment operations, access to sensitive data via the user’s face. According to published newspaper The Independent British.

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Clarifies the patent on this technology, how can something called “under the skin” to develop the process of authentication of any device by checking Iraq the blood vessels in a person’s face.

States Patent to “evaluate the features under the skin that could be used to distinguish between users with facial features similar (like brothers and the Twins)”.

Add to that the assessment of the personality under the skin and may be used to prevent opening of the device by an unauthorized person to open using a mask, or use other ways to provide the face”.

Consist of Face Detection current of the sensor that goes on clear and potatoes to the points of IR in the face of the person. It can identify the different features of the face, in addition to glasses, clothing, powders, beauty, and facial hair.

Until this moment, you will find this property difficult to negotiate between the Twins homologues, despite Apple allegedly they are still technically more sophisticated than the scanner fingerprint.

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