Phone TCL rollaway users were allowed to convert it to a smart watch


It seems that the TCL leader in the manufacture of televisions which also manufactures smartphones under the trademark Blackberry and Alcatel, working in turn on smartphones foldable. One of her designs includes a smartphone capable of folding can work as smart. This phone looks quite neat, isn’t it?

The report by CNet says that the company TCL is working on at least five devices with screen flexible. This includes phone, two smartphones, and two tablets, and a smart phone that can bend to turn into a smart watch. This information is based on pictures that the company has set up and photos of the patents.

Contains one of the tablet devices on the folding screen towards the inside while the other on a folding screen around the outside similar to the device Royole FlexPai. He also owns both smartphones also the way the two are alike when it comes to the direction of folding, but it seems that both bend in the horizontal axis such as phones psoriasis traditional.

It seems that the last of these phones flexible of the three words for a long and slender and able to bend around the wrist. It’s not designed you can connect it with a smartphone, a traditional folding, but it is clear that TCL was dealing with the idea of creating a smart phone this design.

It will take some time before you see these devices the light. Tell a top executive in the company TCL cable in the last month that the first folding apparatus of TCL won’t arrive until 2020 at least.


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