Phone TCL rollaway latest is phone rollaway the most unusual so far

TCL OLED Foldable

Released today a new report from CNet shows us a prototype for a folding of the company, TCL has a unique design since it has detailed which makes it foldable in three parts, preferably as a tablet huge size of 10 inches. Regardless of the flexible screen, this phone also includes four cameras in the back, the front camera one, as well as USB Type-C port headphones 3.5 mm.

You may like other design, this phone is folding the book, but the similarity of the most convenient is the accordion when it is folded. As you can expect, when it is folded this device totally, then you get one screen dedicated to the implementation of basic tasks. After all of Samsung and Huawei and other companies such as Xiaomi and Oppo, it is great to see a company TCL function without their smart phones convertible because the increased competition means the adjustment in reducing the prices of smart phones folding in the near future.

Knowledge of TCL the manufacture of electronic devices developed affordable, so there’s a good chance to see the phones folding of this company at competitive & Reasonable Prices more in the future, although it is still we must not raise our hopes too much now.

Not only the price that is affected by competitive growing, the technology involved also require quickly. Generally, to find out more details about the phone model the folding of TCL, you can read the full coverage on CNet of here.

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