Phone Surface Duo will have the camera ” world-class“, according to Microsoft


The branch of the Microsoft Corporation in Germany, with the support of developers and journalists to an event where he was president of the products division in the company, Mr. Panos Panay present. As you can imagine, there were many questions about the Surface Duo. Did not provide as Panos Panay a lot, but he revealed that Microsoft is ” working on the camera of a world-class “.

The prototype that was displayed earlier not only includes the front camera one. There was a big hole on the backend too, it’s supposed to be this void is the place where you will embed the camera. But again, only one camera.

Us is the launch of the phone Surface Duo only after a full year from now it could change a lot in the meantime. But to what extent the quality of the camera you work on Microsoft? Have both halves of the slim device too, but the sky is doubled when the device shuts down.

The company owns the patent interesting may come into force. This patent describes a lens separate image sensor is moved to a position by the engine during the incident. When not in use, is moved the sensor away and get the optical unit into ” rewind mode “. Or maybe Microsoft has another plan to get superb image quality from a camera skinny.



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