Phone Shao, self-bending appears in the video, imagine

Samsung launched the Huawei phone their midwife to commend the design of mutual, and soon will ask Shawty her phone has a different design also.

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Shawty officially confirmed it is developing a phone is a foldaway bed, it has appeared the chief executive with a prototype last January (photo above), and today, we offer you to look at not might require no design.

Phone shows Shao with the same design that requires bending of the device from the sides to move from mode to tablet screen 10 inch to put the phone screen 6.5 inch.

The design indicates that the user will enable him to take advantage of the rear camera and front camera with both of our use cases, as we note, there is no port for a headset, but there is a USB-C port for user. Screen flukes is fine here, especially when you put the Note Galaxy Fuld in mind.

This has already been mentioned Shao to have partners in the development of the fixed phone to bend, but the screen design and the mechanism of the crease and the device interface MIUI was the development of Shawty itself.

Currently there is no specific date to launch the phone Shao, self-bending, but projections indicate that we’ll see the phone officially through 2019.

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