Phone screen for Oppo Find X change 93.8 percent of the interface device

Oppo Find X

Will the company Oppo tomorrow Tuesday slide the curtain officially on her phone the leading real perspective for Oppo Find X. The Company is Chinese the thrill of the confidence of this phone on the network Chinese social media platform Weibo, but the picture headline of the latest from the company give us some information on the screen. According to the photo headline, it seems that the phone Oppo Find X will screen coverage of 93.8 percent of the interface device.

According to the video promo that appeared over the weekend on CCTV1, will not be the phone’s front camera or the background. Instead, the side entire top of the frame this is the place where you will hide Dual Camera, including flash LED.

If the image is real and not a marketing trick, this’ll be the second phone innovative to be announced within a week after the announcement of the phone Vivo NEX last week with a front camera and emerge from the upper frame of the device. Generally, we will make sure of everything when it will be officially announced about the phone Oppo Find X tomorrow Tuesday in the French capital of Paris, exactly in the Louvre Museum.



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