Phone Samsung next May can shoot video accurately 8K

Samsung has unveiled today one of the healers planned to use in Galaxy S10 template, which bears the name of the access 9820, to increase in the speed of performance of operations of the artificial intelligence up to 7 times the previous processor, thanks to the unit NPU for processing nerve separate.

Since May the new processor is supposed to have access 9820 the same power all of Apple A12 and Kirin 980 of Huawei, in terms of the capacity to address the decisions of the artificial intelligence, despite the advent of accurately manufacturing 8 Nm instead of 7 nm, such as other competitors.

Samsung previews Galaxy S10 power with Exynos 9820 announcement

This means that the processors Apple and Huawei will overtake the access 9820 in terms of energy saving, despite the fact that Samsung started already to produce the products strictly 7 nm through the techniques of UV, but these may be customized for the top phones Galaxy S10, which should support techniques for 5G communications.

But despite that, comes access 9820 with modem advanced networks of the fourth generation with support for 20 different frequency speeds of 2 It/SEC.

This is how the Galaxy S10 could look

It was also to improve the processing performance by 15% and multiple 20% one individual compared to the processor 9810 previous, in addition to increase the efficiency of energy consumption by up to 40%, theoretically.

With regard to processor and graphics, you will find the Mali-G76 MP12 which is expected to offer performance more impressive in the games improvements of up to 40% in performance while reducing power consumption by up to 35%.

This will provide processor access 9820 support up to 5 sensors cameras with video filming Strictly 8K, though not confirmed by the advent of the Galaxy S10 this more.

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