Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may support the block Qi

Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may support the block Chi

According to the leaked images it on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, it seems that Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S 10 will pay storage through the technology block your chi, and will also set up a portfolio for the encrypted.

Book Samsung on 20 February in the city of San Francisco, the U.S., as the date to announce their new phone, amid speculation that the company disclose the in the same event for her new rollaway.

Previously, the company HTC everyone made a few months ago phone HTC Exodus 1 to this technical.

Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may support the block Chi

Block Qi is a method that was invented in 2008, used to store the records with the code. It is composed of a series of “books”, each containing encrypted information from books previous, and the data relating to the treatment, and timestamp.

The technique to block the Qi in the save data is the most safe and protect from any hacking or manipulation.

Based on the pictures, will device Samsung Galaxy Note 10 users to import portfolio work and digital encrypted secure from another source, or create a new wallet.

It also appears that users will be able to connect to the device to access data stored using the block Qi, and show a picture (published above) that are is the only currency supported by the phone, maybe at the current time.


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