Phone Samsung folding would be a tablet and a phone at the same time!

We’ve heard lots and lots of news and expectations about the Samsung rollaway known as the Galaxy X or the Galaxy F, according to the latest reports, until recently, were talking about the phone screen 7.3 inches folding in half to become in the size of the wallet.

But the modern president of Samsung DJ Koh last hit to those reports the width of the wall, where I gave DJ Koh a glimpse of what it would be like a phone company rollaway clearly in his interview to CNET .

The executive director said that the device will provide the functionality of the tablet full of multitasking and big screen, and at the same time you will the user can fold to become a regular phone at the same time.

This modern and although it is sudden for the last few years, however, it is not new, harking back to the 2013 Samsung View Video imagine to design a device with a large screen in the size of the tablet, folding to become the size of a smartphone, and use the device as a tablet and a phone at the same time.

The DJ Koh had suggested earlier that it can detect the phone at the Samsung Developer Conference where he will deliver the opening speech in the sixth of next November, with the assurance that he will not be announcing the device officially only after making sure to get the best standards, saying: “When we provide foldable phone, you should be very beneficial to our customers.”

Finally, it should be noted that the phone rollaway will be you need little business targeting a certain category of consumers, it is expected that the approaching price of $ 2000!

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