Phone Samsung folding us up until the year 2019 because of the user experience

Galaxy S8+

Yesterday, released a report stating that Samsung phone rollaway will be in late this year or early next year, and apparently that report was true relatively because Mr. Dj Koh who is Head of mobile devices at Samsung confirmed to us today that the phone company rollaway would be in the year 2019 instead of 2018 as planned already.

Mr. Dj Koh that the user experience was the biggest obstacle the company faced Samsung in marketing, but stressed at the same time that Samsung is working aggressively to overcome this problem. At the same time, the report from South Korea yesterday hinted that Samsung will develop screens folding by the month of March, and manufactured by the month of September. Should begin mass production of the final product in the month of November.

It is expected that the features of this phone folding screen flexible OLED size of 7.3 inches, and its folding will allow users to use such as a smartphone or as a tablet when not be pleated.



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