Phone Samsung folding rule will style clamshell design,

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Released phone Galaxy Fold in the markets a while ago after dealing with many problems. So what’s next for Samsung in the smart phone sector folding it? Well, it seems that the company is thinking in a smaller size. While you can transform the Galaxy Fold into a tablet, it seems that Samsung is targeting the idea of creating a smart phone folding is a clamshell design.

The video below is the Official Video, Direct from the conference Samsung’s annual developers. In this video, the police show up they explore a new design, that will memories for some of you. The memories of phones of psoriasis if you will.

In fact, the concept that started us Samsung reminds us on the phone Motorola RAZR famous. You can generate this design era phones psoriasis sensitive to the full? It seems that Samsung think about it, and agree Motorola on it too where it is expected to do its part to disclose her phone rollaway psoriatic first in the world in the day of November 13.

Back to the month of August, it was discovered patent from Samsung describes like this phone folding completely, while the report from the website of Bloomberg in September about the existence of such a product under development already. Will the screen size is 6.7 inches when open, and the device thinner than the Galaxy Fold. It is also supposed to be cheaper.

May be revealed unveiled the Samsung folding at the Mobile World Congress to be held in the month of February of the next year, at least in the case if you stick to Samsung with a time frame similar to launch this year.

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