Phone Samsung folding may obtain a copy of 5G in South Korea

Galaxy Foldable

We know that Samsung is working on a smartphone that is compatible with the 5G plan to launch it in the United States of America in cooperation with major telecommunications companies there, but it remains to be seen whether this phone will be part of a series of Galaxy S10 Series or not. However, it seems that whether an independent or one of the model Galaxy S10, has released today a new report from website SamMobile says that the Samsung folding will also most likely get a version compatible with the 5G networks.

He says this new report that it will launch a version compatible with 5G of Samsung phone rollaway in South Korea, but it remains to be seen whether these women will make their way to other markets such as the United States of America or not. Of course, this is good news for those who plan to adopt the telephone, although we imagine that this will probably make Samsung phone rollaway more expensive than expected.

There have been reports saying that the Samsung phone rollaway would be expensive so that is expected to cost about $ 1800 USD. This is not surprising given that it will use completely new technology, and basically the costs of the smartphone and tablet at the same time. It is likely that support 5G to raise the price of the phone to a greater level, so we wouldn’t be surprised in case if the version is compatible with the 5G networks of the Samsung rollaway cost $ 2000 or more.

Samsung provide a glimpse of her phone folding at its annual conference for developers SDC 2018 late last year where we saw this phone which is under work, but the company hosts another event on February 20 where they will be revealing the series phones Galaxy S10 Series, phone, rollaway also.

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