Phone Samsung folding may featuring three OLED screens once

galaxy S9

According to a new report coming from South Korea, the Samsung foldable and which have been raised about his long rumors, will contain three OLED screens at once. The report confirms that Samsung introduced the phone behind closed doors at CES last, and it was featuring three screen size of 3.5 inch each, and with the OLED.

There screen, only two of the three screens will be used for the goals of the show is traditional, the second screen is dedicated to display the alerts in the folded condition of the device. Anyway, the report confirms that Samsung didn’t finished yet the design of this phone, and that it won’t happen before next June.

It was expected that the Samsung is the first company to carry a phone with this technology, however, some sources indicate that the company Huawwei the Chinese had preceded them in it, and they plan to produce a similar phone by the month of November.

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