Phone Samsung folding may cost consumers around $ 2000

galaxy foldable

We heard a while ago that Samsung is working on a smart phone foldable. Not to be confused with phone clamshell ( Flip Phone ), this phone is folding which means that the phone screen can be folded completely in half, and this in turn means that users have the option to use it as little or use it as a device large.

This phone looks interesting, but it may also be expensive. According to a new report released recently from the newspaper The Korea Times, it was speculated that the phone rollaway law Samsung may cost up to $ 2000 when it reaches the market. Given that many of the consumers they criticized the price of the phone iPhone X $ 1000 bucks, it is difficult to imagine who wants to pay 2000 $ to get this phone.

It should be noted that one possible reason for high price is that this phone will be available in limited quantities. This means that it is expected that Samsung only a small number of this phone, this means that this phone will never reach the stage of mass production.

Anyway, please deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection, but if you want to see this phone, you may have to wait a bit because the latest reports suggest that this phone won’t arrive until next year instead of this year as she claims some of the other rumors in the past.


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