Phone Samsung folding Galaxy F will cost you $ 1800 !

Although we don’t reason or justification for the manufacture of foldable phone but it will remain a reality during the first quarter of the New Year is 2019.

Since Samsung announced the primary on her phone, Galaxy F. Galaxy F folding, it took a lot of museums to look at the technique used to the idea and students without the means development and to the price of this phone who say it’s not accepted “in the Arab region at least”.

At that announcement. Why turn Samsung lot about her phone and the official announcement at the MWC 2019, but it hinted to the astronomical price of this phone of which up to $ 1800 cash !
And an explanation of the reason for the high price of the Galaxy F away from Samsung. The Korean agency CGB-CIMB specialized research publication bill the costs of manufacturing the new phone. Where did I compare it with the cost of manufacturing the iphone XS and Galaxy is.

The components of the phone rollaway $ 636 $ the company cost up being two screens in one , the first measurement of 7.3 inches and the second is 4.58 inches. Was it cost 218 dollars, a price equivalent to 3 times the price screen Galaxy is .

In any case, we’ll wait until the official announcement about this phone unit more about it.

Source gsmarena

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