Phone sales for OnePlus 6T jump by 86% in the United States compared to OnePlus 6


Has been advertising about the phone OnePlus 6T in late October in many of the regional conferences, one of them in the country’s economic capital of America, New York. Has arrived phone OnePlus 6T to the United States after the signing of the company OnePlus to buy with provider T-Mobile, and revealed its support for networks of CDMA and GSM phone its new flagship.

The phone supports OnePlus 6T new 13 frequency, which is qualified for use on the wireless subsidiary of Verizon. These improvements easily to increase the sales of the phone OnePlus 6T in the first day increased by 86 percent compared with the phone OnePlus 6.

Was to make this information first before the developers forum XDA Developers, which also explained that the company OnePlus has succeeded in selling a million units in the last three weeks. With positive sales that gets its phone OnePlus 6T, the new phone is on its way to become the best-selling product of the company.

Phone OnePlus 6T cost 549 dollars if you choose to get women’s gloss black, which includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. This price rise to US $ 629 if you get the version with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory.



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