Phone rollaway ZTE Axon M will work its way soon to more areas


The smartphone version rollaway ZTE Axon M by ZTE Corporation in the USA in collaboration with company’s local calls and AT&T in November of last year. Today, the company announced the ZTE in the Chinese capital Beijing to her smart phone rollaway ZTE Axon M going to China very soon, and exactly at the 20th day of January.

Apparently, the company will ZTE to sell ZTE’s handset Axon M through a set of eCommerce stores such as and Moreover, you will sell the phone to follow-through the actual of the telecommunications company China Telecom.

Later this quarter, the company will ZTE also released a phone ZTE Axon M in Europe also, we do not rule out the possibility of launching the phone ZTE Axon M in more areas in the future. In case if you don’t know that, they have won phone ZTE Axon M Award for innovation at CES CES 2018, as promised ZTE for the establishment of more smartphones folding in the future.

For a change, unlike phone Samsung Galaxy X, which we heard many rumors about him in the past and which is supposed to include a flexible screen one, the phone ZTE Axon new M will have two screens separate Full HD with a frame so thin in the place where you meet the two screens. In the mode where the phone ZTE Axon M non-pleated, have a phone screen The size of 6.75 inches and accurately 1160 x 1920 pixels. Of course, such a large screen, but not dramatically so. However, the phone will be even smaller than some smart phones in terms of dimensions when folded in half.

It is worth mentioning that it can take advantage of the unique design of this phone four different ways. Mode Dual Mode lets you run one application on each screen, and put the Extended Mode allows you to take advantage of both screens, while the mode allows you to Mirror Mode to show the same content on both screens, and Traditional Mode to run the phone normally when it is folded so that it is running only one screen.

Regardless of the features and design, The phone ZTE Axon M new featuring a quad-core processor class Snapdragon 821, a RAM size of 4GB, internal memory size of 64GB, as well as one camera accurately 20 megapixels, battery with a capacity of 3180mAh. Moreover, they have been providing this phone port headphones 3.5 mm, system Android 7.1.2 Nougat.


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