Phone Redmi with front camera pop-up appear again in public with the Director General of the brand

Redmi Note 7 Pro - Copie

Ten days ago, has been monitoring the telephone of the sub-brand Redmi of Xiaomi company featuring a front camera and a pop-up screen free from cutting or puncture. Now been monitoring this phone between the arms of Lu Weibing, a director general for the brand during the request of some of the things in the cinema. It may be that this is the phone you are working on the company which has the processor Snapdragon 855.

Undermine the interests of China that that photo was taken, such as the presentation of the film The Avengers New, and later confirmed by the public relations department to purchase the Xiaomi that Lu Weibing was already in the cinema, but she refused to make any comments about the phone coming from the company.

Yet we only hear rumors and we haven’t seen any formal specification of the phone, the mysterious leaders of the sub-brand Redmi equipped with the processor Snapdragon 855. However, based on previous leaks, we expect to include the port of heaven at the top, and work Rome MIUI 10, which is based on Android 9 Pie.


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