Phone Redmi K30 comes with dual front, in the hole of the screen

The company stressed that Shao to support her phone the next Redmi K30 advantage of the contact networks of the fifth generation, and today the company confirms that the phone goes soon. the design of double camera front-end in the hole of the screen.

Use the relationship Redmi sub buy Shawty, to launch the phone Redmi K30 during the coming period, in comments to the new Lu Weibing, he emphasized on the design of the camera front in the phone.

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Company adopts Shao-design dual camera front which made the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with open double built-in screen in the phone company’s next Redmi K30, which will be the first version of in the sign of the Redmi the design of screen hole.

It is also planned to apply phone Redmi K30 with the support of contact networks of the fifth generation with support for Styles SA/NSA in communication with a network sub-6GHz.

Recall that Qualcomm has announced the expansion of support networks 5G for older versions of the A series processors 7 and 6 in 2020, so it’s expected I apply phone K30 one of a-series processors Snapdragon 7 with demos 5G patterns SA/NSA.

It is expected that the applicable phone Redmi K30 with sensor footprint on the screen, with a bigger battery, and data in the settings of the camera background.


I know of

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