Phone RED holographic confirming the specs before the arrival of the markets in the summer

Company Red specialized in the manufacture of film cameras , announced that it was developing a phone Hydrogen One in 2017, which we learned after that the mechanism of action of screen hours and display them for content, three-dimensional, has written the founder of the company Jim and published yesterday indicates that the chief of police Gerard land in possession of the final model of the phone and it met their expectations. There will come a Hydrogen One processor Snapdragon 835 the screen is slightly larger than the 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 pixels, one for the sky and one for SIM cards and 4,500 MA and the structure of thick and more solid. Will screen Hydrogen One hours broadcast content (video) three-dimensional 4V across the pixel layers instead of moving the image on the other surface, which is a new experience to view three-dimensional image. With regard to how to get the participation of this new type of content mentioned and that the partners MMORPG who will enter content to be announced soon. Publication stated that the units complement the phone will be released summer of this year and will open for Pre-Order before that, it will also be a review of Hydrogen One for the customers the owners of the previous request in the studio company of the Red in the month of April Next, and currently displays the final model on the partners who are working on the platform of the Hydrogen Service find and download content to 4V. Source: Red User

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