Phone Razr the folding of the Motorola features chip Snapdragon processor 710

Reveal Motorola during the next period for a phone Razr rollaway Linda for the competition that started this year between the Giants of manufacturing the phone, and the latest leaks today it was pointed out that this version features the chip Snapdragon processor 710.


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Unlike new versions of phones collapsible made in the recent period, which comes to fit in the market feature phones, providing Motorola phone rollaway Razr specifications medium with foldable design.

It is estimated, according to the report, which was published recently about the specifications of the phone, apply phone Motorola Razr 2019 folding with the chip Snapdragon processor 710, is available as a phone better in the RAM 4 or 6 GB RAM, and also two choices in storage capacity of between 64 and 128 giga bytes.

The report also noted that the phone Razr rollaway comes with a battery 2730 mAh, how come your home screen in a phone the size of a 6.2-inch with display resolution 876 in 2142 pixels, while the external screen resolution 600 800 pixels.


It is expected that the applicable phone three choices in colors are black and white along with Golden, that is available at a price of $ 1500 which is the level of the lower pricing of the phones the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X.

Recall that with a lot of leaks about the phone Razr rollaway however, Motorola did not announce a specific date yet for the official announcement about the phone, so we would expect to launch the phone officially join the new competition in the market of phones collapsible.


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