Phone Pocophone F1 gets the same result as the iPhone 8 in the tests, DxOMark

Pocophone F1 camera

Don’t fear the phone Pocophone F1 challenge leading smartphones and the latest battle was about the quality of the camera. According to the points of DxOMark, it appears that the phone’s camera Pocophone F1 as good as phone camera iPhone 8, despite the fact that the Apple phone will cost double of what it costs the phone Pocophone F1.

Provide the phone’s camera Pocophone F1 Alona great precision in the vision in addition to the automatic adjustment fast accurate image. In the aspect of taking photos, I got the phone Pocophone F1 on on 91, it was possible to have this on top if the camera the second the best because the performance of background blur in the photo was as weak as that second camera does not offer any help in the dark or during zoom. And main camera to help in the dark, although the flash is excellent.

With regard to the aspect of the video, it has got a camera phone Pocophone F1 on the praise thanks to autofocus fast and accurate, brilliant colors, and. However, the performance of the camera in environments of low lighting and dynamic range is not identical with the flagship phones.


Unfortunately, no team DxOMark test the front camera of the phone Pocophone F1 that reported accuracy of 20 megapixels, at least until now. For comparison, I got the two phones is the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Google Pixel first on 90 points, while the two phones Galaxy Note 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus for 84 points.


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