Phone PALM design, small size and price of the 350 almost

This theme phone PALM design, small size and price of the 350 almost appeared on Engadget.

While the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone to design the size of the largest of smart phones, provide startup companies phone PALM the size of a smallest price of $ 350 in the month of November.

Palm phone-size

Revealed one of the emerging companies in San Francisco, a new version of smart phones possible by the small size of a phone Palm.

Comes phone Palm with the Android operating system 8.1 also supports apps Google Play fully, so with this small size of the phone the user will find all the features provided in versions larger.

Has designed a Palm-sized small to experience easier for the user to be another alternative to the side of the phone possible to a large size, but it offers an experience closer to the smart watch.

Palm phone-back

The design of the phone Palm

Look first for Palm to reveal the design tries to phone iPhone X, where indicated upgraded my phone to the objective of choosing this design is to support the user’s phone’s small size and seamless experience in use.

As the phone supports Gorilla Glass Glass 3 in the design of the back and front, also the phone comes standards of IP68 for water and dust resistance.

Phone Palm comes with one button operation, except that it supports more functionality in the phone, as the phone comprises a battery capacity of 800 mAh, but the size of the phone doesn’t need a higher capacity battery.

Measurements phone the Palm is 50 in 97 mm also features with a thickness of 7.4 mm, also up the weight of the phone to 62.5 grams.

Also not featuring your phone with this size entrance to the heavens, as it does not support certainly Charge Wireless, where the phone comes with a USB port-C only one.

Palm phone- USB-C

The size of the screen in the phone Palm up to 3.3 inch LCD screen offering quality accurately display 445 pixels per inch.

It also features the phone camera background of the distinctive sensor to accurately 12 mega pixel camera, along with camera front 8 mega pixel camera.

Certainly not featuring this version is the latest processor chip, where the phone comes Palm with the chip Snapdragon processor 435, which supports low-cost handsets often.

Also the phone comes with Ram of 3 GB bit RAM, and a storage capacity of 32 GB, it also features Phone Android operating system 8.1 with some modifications made to support the performance of the best operating system with a screen of Palm of small size.

Experience operating phone Palm

Features phone Palm button default at the bottom of the company, can be clicked twice to return to the phone main screen, or click once to return to the previous screen.

Also can be prolonged pressure on the same button default Show screen multi-tasking, as the user can scroll down to show the settings menu for audio, as an alternative to the button physical health.

Phone Palm does not guarantee sensor fingerprint so comes protection system with a dedicated system for facial recognition in the camera front-end, also call button in phone activated assistant Google default when prolonged pressure.Palm phone

The user interface for Palm

Come user interface in the phone Palm different design for the interface which includes the list of applications, where the user will scroll vertical to detect the applications that appear in the Hexagonal on the screen.

Also the user can click prolonged on an app icon to open the sub-window with the shortcuts available for the application, as the user can scroll to the top of the main screen to show list of comments with a space to draw the letters to look for something specific.

It also features phone mode Life Mode, which shows the code tree in the phone, which is the mode supports the user with Do Not Disturb, with the settings of the use of the battery low.

In the mode of Life is closed notifications, coupled with the closure of contact phone, the Palm Wi-Fi networks or mobile networks, where it is re-activated call from the New opened screen, also is closed the Bluetooth in this situation.

As the phone supports the Palm of the user’s age charge up to 8 hours without the use of put Life, also offers a phone Palm a trying experience phones Verizon in the software provided in the phone and accessories, with some of the company’s applications such as messaging application that works to sync messages with all phones with the same phone number.


Phone accessories Palm

Offering Verizon phone Palm with a range of accessories including portfolios of the phone, and belts to carry the phone, along with the ligaments to install the phone on the arm, and also the portfolio of Kate Spade.

The phone also comes with a feature NumberShare from Verizon which allows to use the phone as a phone with the same phone number, where can be synchronized received calls and messages on phones.

Phone Palm is expected in the month of November to users at a price of 350 States, but you will find a phone with this design turnout of users with the direction the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone to smart phones is possible with the big boys?


This theme phone PALM design, small size and price of the 350 almost appeared on Engadget.

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