Phone P30 Pro from Huawei appears in the video for the first time

Will be announced on my phone Huawei leading this year’s March 26, despite that, they have been leaking many information and details about the two phones P30 وP30 Pro. And now, back new video reveals a phone P30 Pro for the first time.

The video appeared via the site Greek, who knows the video someone says unlock the device several times using the fingerprint sensor, the company. According to the source, it was recorded that decision in a factory that manufactures layered protective screens P30 Pro, as it shows how the company tested the function of the fingerprint sensor after putting the protective layer on the screen.

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And what proves that this phone is P30 Pro is that it is identical with all the details that have been leaked recently, which indicated that the phone with with phone Mate 20 Pro bit.

Did not disclose this decision on anything but that fingerprint sensor located on the phone will work with the energies of the condom, there are currently no details about the sensor itself and whether it would be ultrasonic, such as those found in Galaxy S10 or ultrasound visual such as those found in Mate 20 Pro.

Moreover, the company published a photo on its website for which it seems he’s P30 standard, since it includes the protrusion of a drop of water.

Anyway, it will be detected both phones after one week from now, it is worth noting that the P30 Pro will features a camera close up to 10-fold.


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