Phone OnePlus 7 Pro will feature a screen advanced, and 5G

OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple

The company OnePlus detects the phone its next flagship in the not too distant future, and now the company decided to the Chinese to reveal more information about the phone OnePlus 7 Pro. Confirmed CEO of OnePlus, Mr. Pete Lau that this phone will have a screen ” too advanced“, and it will support 5G.

Recently the company OnePlus on the screen in the phone its flagship for this year suggests that it will launch this phone with the specifications of the technical approach to the specification of high-end phones that reached the market this year. However, this is likely to mean also a rise in the price of the phone, but the company is still silent on the official price for its upcoming flagship.

Revealed Mr. Pete Lau also to The Verge that the company OnePlus has decided to spend on the phone screen its next flagship three times what I spent on the screens of previous models. Did not move Mr. Pete Lau for technical specifications for this screen, but rumors indicate that they would have the rate update reaches 90Hz. As a result, says Mr. Pete Lau that the screen will be the ” super power “.

Is the screen among the components that are not the focus of the company OnePlus so much during the process of the development of its smart phones to maintain their prices. However, will the company OnePlus for this strategy with the phone OnePlus 7 Pro in order to compete more effectively with high-end phones of other companies. Will this phone also support 5G networks because some companies already offer support for the new generation of networks.

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