Phone OnePlus 7 Pro score the highest evaluation in the tests screen OLED

More details about the phone OnePlus representative who applies during the month of May next, where I got a phone OnePlus 7 Pro on the top of the assessment in the tests, the performance of the OLED screen conducted in DisplayMate.


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Over the phone and I Plus the next OnePlus 7 Pro range of tests reveal the performance of the phone, in tests, DisplayMate the screen of the phone is possible with OLED, the phone records the highest evaluation ” A Plus”, where the phone comes with OLED excellent.

The phone OnePlus 7 Pro to illustration giants of manufacturing phone Samsung barrage, where I got versions of each of the two companies is possible with the OLED screen on the same ratings too, so we will see the screen of the display rival the versions possible in the market but with the level of the lower pricing.

Projections indicate that the screen of the OnePlus 7 Pro will also come at the rate of update frames up to 90Hz to experience games state-of-the best quick in the screen, it is expected that the phone supports with this rate of update frames bigger battery to cope with the refresh rate associated with the AT screen, support phone Old good shipping, so we expect the conference and plus in 14 of May to get clearer on the specification and OnePlus this year.


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