Phone Motorola Razr folding will damage the processor Snapdragon 710

Motorola RAZR

Works Motorola phone Razr new will keep as it is possible, but it will use a folding screen on the inside in order not to lag behind and the new mainstream in the smartphone industry in the year 2019.

Until now, all smart phones are collapsible which were announced or rumored to be coming soon to belong to the category of high-end, but it seems that Motorola want to approach a different strategy with its smartphone folding. According to a new report released today, it appears that Motorola decided to use a processor Snapdragon 710 phone its smart folding along with 4GB/6GB of RAM, with 64GB/128GB of internal memory.

Moreover, it was speculated that this phone will have a battery with a capacity of 2730mAh, and a flexible folding size 6.2 inch and accurately 867 x 2142 pixels, while there will be a secondary display on the outside at 800 x 600 pixels and the size is not known until now. In addition, it revealed that the report as well that the phone Motorola RAZR new folding coming from Motorola will be available in black, white and gold with the knowledge that this smartphone carries the code name Voyager. Returning to the previous rumors, it was reported that this phone will be around$ 1500, making it much cheaper than the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X.


It is still unclear when exactly the company will Motorola detects the phone, but the frequency that it will be sold initially by the telecommunications company of America Verizon. It seems that this phone will sensor fingerprint in the background, adding to the camera main one. Company said Motorola re-designed the logo RAZR getting ready to launch this phone, you can take a look at it above.


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