Phone Moto C2 the first phone from Motorola to protect the Android system jo

Sprung new leaks about the Motorola famous and the intention to launch the phone Moto C2 to be the first of its smart phones that carry the Android system jo Android Go.

Protects phone Moto C2 model number XT1920 appeared at the site of the US Federal Communications Commission the FCC, which means that it will be available in North America in addition to some Asian and European markets.

Expected to come the new phone carries a screen ranging between 5.0 and 5.2 inch memory random capacity of 1 GB only memory is the internal storage capacity of 16 GB, plus a battery capacity of 2100 mA/H.

Moto C2

The company has declared by phone Moto C which also carry a low specification as the hall where the phone came 1 GB RAM and storage capacity of 8 GB in addition to Android operating system draw 7.0.

Taking into account that the shift to Android system jo is a natural step to accommodate the system that the phones low specs.

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