Phone Meizu 16s appears again in the performance tests, and perform better than competitors

Meizu Zero

Decided flagship phone next buy Meizu, which make sure that it will get the name of Meizu 16s appearing again on the platform performance tests AnTuTu, but this time record the result of the higher than makes it one of the phones Android the best performance. There is improvement by 5 in the time since the last time, which indicates that the team is still working on the operating system of your phone.

What’s very interesting is that the new result was published by Hans Hanseng, a software engineer in the company Meizu. I’ve posted many of the performance tests, too, shows the phone’s performance is fairly constant. In the case if you’re wondering about how powerful the performance of the Meizu phone 16s compared to other flagship phones available in the market today, here are the below diagram illustrates this :


Expected to be of the phone the same design as the Meizu phone 16 current almost, although the dimensions of the screen will move from 18:9 to 18.6:9, which refers to the probability of the occurrence of certain changes such as moving display diagonal of 6-inch to 6.2 inch. Revealed performance tests that the phone Meizu 16s will add to the side of the processor Snapdragon 855, the RAM size of 6GB, the internal memory size of 128GB, it will also advance Android 9 Pie.

Moreover, it has shown us the previous leaks that the phone Meizu 16s will also feature two cameras on the back, and one of them will have the sensor from Sony strictly 48 megapixels with image stabilization technology OIS. Generally, you’re supposed to make sure everything when is the official unveiling of the phone along with the Meizu 16s in the month of April or in the month of May next.


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