Phone LG V45 will be the first smartphone that supports 5G of LG

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With the launch of the fifth-generation networks in the next year, it’s just a matter of time just before the start of the big manufacturers launched the first smart phones that support this new generation of networks. And the report of the New South Korea that it will launch the LG phone V40 after the phones iPhone new in the last quarter of this year. Now the frequency as well as the phone will be launched LG V45 later as the first smartphone from the company called 5G.

It is estimated that LG will begin production of the phone LG V40 in the month of September, aims to launch it in the first week of October. May require the company to charge less than a million units of this phone since it was shipped about 1.5 million units just from phone LG V30 in the last year.

One of the reasons that prompted LG to reduce the number of LG units V40 aimed at shipped is the modest performance of the phone LG G7, which was launched earlier this year. Aim the LG company to sell 3 million units, but she can’t manage only half of this goal.

LG phone V40 is a routine upgrade to the series that already exist. The interesting thing in this report is that the phone LG V45 will share many of its components with the two phones LG G7, LG V40 where the company will LG cut costs. For cameras and, you will be borrow from LG phone V40, while the addition of antenna is the fifth generation will make the device thicker compared to the LG phone V40.

You didn’t tell LG anything about the first smartphone supports networks of the fifth generation at the moment. However, this report released today says that the phone LG V45 will be released in the beginning of next year.


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