Phone LG V30s will come with the storage space of 256 GB

This theme phone LG V30s will come with the storage space of 256 GB appeared on Engadget.

We’ve heard before that LG is preparing to launch an upgraded version of the phone V30 is the V30s in the Conference of MWC at the end of this month, as reports said ETNews that the LG has to focus on the artificial intelligence technology in this phone, where the technology supports LG Lens that the company says it’s the intelligent Assistant is supported on the visibility of the phone’s camera where it is able to artificial intelligence to identify the items page and look for the price if the product and translate the text and other advanced features.


A notable feature of this phone that come with internal storage space of 256 GB, twice the distance of the previous release LG V30+ four times the area of the first issue of which was shot with the internal storage space of 64 GB.

It is also expected to be launched in Korea first priced at 920$.


This theme phone LG V30s will come with the storage space of 256 GB appeared on Engadget.

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