Phone LG flagship 2018 coming with a screen 6.1 inch

Going to LG as it seems to postpone the date of launch of its phone flagship next to June 2018. This comes as an anonymous source in the LG, which says that the company is planning to launch a smartphone codenamed Judy Judy features a 6.1-inch type MLCD+ which will be very bright thanks to the pixels of the white sub that will be a concentrated, thus will consume less energy and 35% of any screen IPS LCD traditional. The components of the gear will contain Snapdragon 845 eight-core with Adreno 630 to address the Graphics Memory random 4 gigabytes storage capacity of 64 gigabytes. Will his successor, Dual Camera 16/16 maps girl Lens f/1.6 with a certificate of IP68 to resist dust and water, with distinguished speakers stereo and artificial intelligence. Over the past year, have forced LG’s G6 that rely on the Snapdragon 821 as Samsung held a convention give the right to access its phones leading first on Snapdragon 835, but this year will be the launch of the Galaxy S9 on 25 February allowing the advent of the Khalifa G6 with Snapdragon 845. Source: VentureBeat

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