Phone Lenovo Z5s.. the latest versions awaited Lenovo the owner of the 3 cameras

A new step taken by the company, Chinese technology giant Lenovo, with the detection of the first phones loaded 3 cameras in the back, and phone Lenovo Z5s, what are the specifications of this electronic device controversial from the first moment to announce the near advent of it?

The developer version of the phone Pro

Enjoy the latest creations of Lenovo phone, Lenovo Z5s, a lot of specifications possible, which seems to make him win the hand of the force, the phone company the other Lenovo Z5, which was released since about 6 months exactly, experts see that the newer phone will probably be is the new version of the phone Lenovo Zs5 Pro, but more take into account and agree with the potential material for many of the follow-up versions of the company.

It depends phone Lenovo Zs5, is the first of its kind for a Chinese manufacturer, I didn’t enjoy it from the incision, it looks like it will help a lot in bringing out the best selfie possible.

Specifications of Lenovo Zs5

Protects the Lenovo latest chip Snapdragon 710, attached to 3 different formations of memory, is the 4/64GB, 6/64GB, as well as 6/128GB, features a 6.3 LCD display, accurately the length 19:5:9, note that the little notch the front protects the Shooter owner 16MP, the sign on the property more than technique, that would improve the sharpness of the photo.

Speaking of your photos بـLenovo Zs5, the phone features the presence of 3 different cameras in the back, first-angle lens wallpaper 16MP, and the second Strictly 8MP, looks Second like a custom photo portrait to benefit from the potential of 5MP.

The phone has a system Android Oreo, however, the loader also بـZUI 10, up the battery capacity around 3300 mAh, attached بـUSB-C the 15W of the company, in addition to the means of communication basic Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.

In the end, it should be noted that the value of price for Lenovo latest Lenovo Z5s would be about 202 dollars for the 4 memory/64GB, note that it is now ready for pre-order, before it opens for a sensational phone in the world markets after several days, and specifically as of the 24th of December current.

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